Op-Ed Submissions

Did something on campus get you fired up? Did you see something on the news that made you angry? Did a comment your friend make get you thinking? Have something to say about it? Submit an op-ed to the Michigan Daily's Opinion Section!

But before you submit an op-ed, here are some important guidelines we ask you follow so we can publish your piece!

*Pieces that haven't followed these guidelines into account might be harder to publish

If you want your piece to be published on a specific day, please give us as much advanced notice as possible and do not expect we will publish a piece if you submit a piece we’ve never seen the day you want it published. Our articles go through extensive rounds of editing over multiple days and we only publish content during nights of production (Sunday through Thursday when students have classes). The only exceptions would be if an event just occurred you could not foresee, and even then there is no guarantee we will be able to publish it. If you do submit the day of, you need to be especially sure you’ve followed the guidelines we have here.

Formatting your op-ed:

  1. Op-eds are between 600-850 words
  2. Please send your op-ed to tothedaily@michigandaily.com as a Google Doc in Times New Roman, 11 point font, single-spaced and include your affiliation to the University (ex. Junior in LSA, part of the class of '65, etc.) and include a possible TITLE (should be short because long ones don't fit in print)
  3. Short paragraphs of 3-4 sentences (it looks much better on the print page)

Contents of your op-ed:

  1. Op-eds can be about nearly anything, and some of the best op-eds have personal anecdotes as well as facts (for more concrete ideas, take a look at previously published op-eds online here)
  2. Most important: We want to hear from everyone and there is nothing we want more than diverse opinions, but it is important to keep in mind that any piece that targets and/or marginalizes individuals/groups of people will not be considered for publication
  3. We do not publish pieces that are solely advertisements or plugs for events or clubs, unless those events/clubs are resources where community members can get more information on the topic you wrote about if they are interested
  4. Op-Eds must include links to articles/documents about any facts/stats included that aren't common knowledge (think history essay standards) as hyperlinks in the piece or in comments

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to contact Editorial Page Editors Rebecca Tarnopol (tarnopol@umich.edu) and Anna Polumbo-Levy (annapl@umich.edu). We look forward to your submissions!