Campus Issues

by Brian Kuang, Daily Summer News Editor

Read about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Campus Free Speech, and other issues that the student body is currently facing.

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Where's Your Ideal Study Spot?

by The Michigan Daily Staff

Are you a library person? Do you need coffee to study? Or is staying in the dorm more your style? Find out with this quiz.

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The Other Side of Academia

by Jeremy Kaplan

While the term "public research university" may elicit fears that professors prioritize research over actual instruction, that is rarely true. You can even be a part of their groundbreaking discovery. Professors in all subjects frequently take on undergraduates as research assistants.

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Steps For Success: Learning to Deal With Rejection

by Caitlin Heenan, Summer Senior Editorial Page Editor

Transitioning to college will be difficult, no matter where you are coming from. Part of the acclimation to college will be removing yourself from your experiences in high school. Though these may make up a huge part of who you are today, you will have to prove yourself here.

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Dear Freshmen

by Lara Moehlman, Editor in Chief, Bradley Whipple, Managing Editor, and Lydia Murray, Managing News Editor

College can be overwhelming, and we get that. That's why we're here to help.

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Things Your Tour Guide Didn't Tell You

by Caitlin Reedy, Daily Staff Reporter

During your first real encounter with the University of Michigan at orientation, you will sit in on countless lectures and go on extensive tours with amazing orientation student leaders. However, they can't cover everything you need to know before entering the university. Lucky for you, The Michigan Daily is here to help.

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Performing Arts on Campus

by Alex Intner, Summer Managing Arts Editor, and Anay Katyal, Summer Senior Arts Editor

As a student living in Ann Arbor, you will find yourself at the center of a thriving community brimming with art and culture. Several campus and city venues will present you with a wide range of opportunities to take in the kind of talent that both local and globally-established acts have to offer.

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Surviving the Dorms

by Tim Cohn, and Caleb Chadwell, Daily Staff Reporters, and Emma Kinery, Daily News Editor

An overview of the different dorms and campus neighborhoods you could end up living in.

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Notes from a Native Michigander

by Andrew Hiyama, Daily Staff Reporter

If you are coming from outside of Michigan, there are a few things you might want to know about living here.

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Guide to Cool Classes at UMich

by Riyah Basha, Daily Summer News Editor

Are you overwhelmed by the abyss that is the LSA Course Guide? Are all the English 125 sections starting to blend together? It's important to remember, though, that your first two years on campus are ones to explore and acquaint yourself with all the University of Michigan has to offer.

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Resources on Campus

by Chetali Jain, Daily Staff Reporter

A list of resources you can take advantage of as a student at the University of Michigan.

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