Cartoonist Application

The Michigan Daily, Winter 2016

Deadline: Thursday, Dec. 31 at midnight

The Michigan Daily Opinion section is currently seeking cartoonists for the Winter 2016 term. Cartoonists can illustrate cartoons to accompany columns and editorials produced by Opinion staff writers or can create their own bi-weekly cartoon or comic series. Please keep in mind that our cartoons generally focus on current events at the University, local, state and national level. Similarly, cartoons may express some type of opinion or commentary relevant to the illustration. If you have any questions about the application or the job, please don’t hesitate to contact 2016 Editorial Page Editors Regan Detwiler ( and Claire Bryan (

In your application, please include:

  1. A cover letter that answers the following questions:
    1. Why are you interested in being a cartoonist for the Opinion section?
    2. Do you have any previous experience with illustration? If so, please specify.
    3. Please specify which of the following you are interested in:
      1. Creating cartoons that coincide with written columns and editorials (written by Opinion staff writers)
      2. Creating your own illustration/cartoon series. If interested in creating your own series, please pitch what you’d like to focus your series on, examples of cartoons that will contribute to our campus conversation, and what consistent message your series will articulate to the audience over the weeks.
  2. A sample illustration that best exemplifies the type of work you’d like to do for the Opinion section. Please keep in mind that, if you are hired, this sample could be published within the first week of the Winter 2016 semester as an introductory piece for your work.

The application is due Thursday, December 31st at midnight and should be emailed to the 2016 Editorial Page Editors: Claire Bryan ( and Regan Detwiler (

*Please note: In accepting the job as a Michigan Daily Columnist, you will be required to review, and will become bound by, all Michigan Daily bylaws. The bylaws enforce the Michigan Daily’s ethical standards (i.e. preventing the publishing of libelous, malicious or discriminatory content). All columns are subject to review before publication on those standards by the Editorial Page Editors, the Managing Editor and/or the Editor-in-Chief. If content does not align with the standards of the bylaws, per that review, the Daily reserves the right to not publish that content. That being said, the writer’s voice is the top priority on the Opinion section and we will always work with the writer to have content published rather than not.

Thank you for applying to be a cartoonist for The Michigan Daily.
We look forward to hearing all you have to say!