The Michigan Daily’s Editorial Board Meetings

The Student Publications Building, 420 Maynard Street
Mondays and Wednesdays 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

What is an Editorial Board?

Just like many newspapers around the world, The Michigan Daily has an an Editorial Board, which consists of a group of individuals who are informed about current events at the University, local, state and national level. We meet to debate a given event and/or the larger issue it represents. Once the board constructs an argument, the argument is written into an editorial, which is a news analysis that represents the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

What happens at the meetings?

Editorial Board meetings (commonly known as EBoard meetings) begin with news pitches or current events that members propose to the board for debate. News pitches (and their subsequent editorials) cover issues pertinent to the University of Michigan, college students in general, the Ann Arbor community or the state of Michigan, and sometimes national or world issues. We will choose a pitch, and through engaging, respectful, inclusive discussion formulate an argument as a group. Once this is done, an EditBoard member will volunteer to draft the editorial, which will usually be due two to four days after the meeting.

Who makes up EBoard?

All are welcome to come to meetings. We are looking for breadth and depth of perspective in our Editorial Board — we want to hear as many different opinions as possible, but we want those opinions to be thoughtful and well informed. If you are well versed in a particular area — LGBTQ activism, experiences of first-generation college students, environmental policy, socioeconomic inequality, diversity at the University, public policy or any other topic areas, we want you! If you are simply someone who loves a good discussion, we want you, too!

What do EBoard members do?

To become an official member of EBoard, one must complete reporter training, write three articles and regularly attend meetings, making meaningful contributions to discussions. Once an official member on staff you will be expected to write on a regular basis.

We hope to see you next semester! If you’re still not sure if EBoard is right for you, please feel free to come by a meeting or reach us by emailing 2016 Editorial Page Editors Claire Bryan ( and Regan Detwiler ( with any inquiries.